small group size reduces everest base camp trek cost
As a professional trek leader, I’ve guided many adventurers through the breathtaking journey of the Himalayas to reach the Everest Base Camp. These experiences have completely changed my life, and I’ve always wished to develop a similar experience for individuals around me because witnessing the beautiful landscapes, the physical challenges, and the sense of accomplishment...
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Imagine a place where the landscape seems to be painted by the gods, where snow-capped peaks kiss the sky, and tranquil lakes mirror the beauty of the heavens. This is Kashmir, a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers alike. As we step into 2024, there’s no better time to explore this incredible region and add...
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MOBILE CONNECTIVITY AND Wi-Fi On the trail, teahouses sell pre-paid Wi-Fi cards and at some places you may get a phone signal using a local SIM card Wi-Fi cost at teahouse varies from place to place. You can buy a local SIM card in Thamel ,Kathmandu or in airport. You will need a passport size...
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