Yeti Expeditions

Yeti Expeditions was established in 2016, when Thamserku Expeditions joined forces with the renowned climber and entrepreneur, Mingma Gelu Sherpa. Although Yeti Expeditions is a new company, it has the wealth of years of experience, both in terms of climbing and mountain expedition hospitality. Thamserku Expeditions has more than 20 years experience in the mountaineering industry and Mingma Gelu Sherpa has more than 20 years climbing experience having summited Mount Everest 8 times! Coming together to helm Yeti Expeditions, they can offer clients unparalleled service on every level to offer clients the mountain adventure of their lives!


Mingma Gelu Sherpa is a mountaineer and entrepreneur. He has summited Mt. Everest 8 times. He is also the first Nepali to summit Mt. Elbrus in Russia. He has been on the mountains since his youth, coming from the Makalu region, and working on mountain expeditions since the age of 14. He worked his way from kitchen boy to mountain expedition leader and has never looked back! Now he is a leader in mountain tourism, facilitating expeditions, and often leading them. In addition to his extensive mountaineering resume, he is also the founder of the Sherpa Care Foundation, a social organisation that supports Sherpas and their families.


Lhakpa Sherpa is the world record holder for the most ascents of Everest made by a woman. She is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for summiting Everest with her brother and sister Ming Sherpa.

Our Team

Mingma Dorje Sherpa

Climbing Sherpa

Nima Ongdi Sherpa

Climbing Sherpa

Pasang Sherpa

Climbing SIRDAR

Pemba Nurbu Sherpa

Climbing Sherpa

Pemba Rinjin Sherpa

Climbing Sirdar

Rajeeb Shrestha

Program Manager

Rinjen Sherpa

Climbing Sherpa

Tenjen Dawa Sherpa

Climbing Sherpa